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Creating specific health & safety or training videos for operations that use a lot of seasonal or casual workers has proven to be a very economic and effective approach to protecting workers, your business and speeding up training or inductions.

Working with human resources, health and safety managers / supervisors Propeller Motion can help script and advise on video content, shoot on location and edit workplace safety and training videos tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Getting staff involved in video can also help create buy in from workers.
 The advantages of having a clear video demonstrating any risks and obligations while working there means you retain control of a consistent message, more likely to get buy in from workers and establish a clear visual expectation of behaviour in the workplace.
The work we have created for a range of small to very large operations over the years has not only helped educate workers but has also assisted business’ in identifying potential hazards or risks for management. The preparation and flow of video is critical in covering all health, safety and hygiene requirements while also answering FAQ’s about contracts, pay etc.
If you are interested in discussing more about creating a video tailored for your business needs please get in touch.


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