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The Hunch

The Hunch Episode 1 / Pilot Based on a Hunch

Animation Nation TV3

As part of New Zealands TV3's weekly political show The Nation Jeremy Jones has created short animated takes on current political & news stories offering an often satirical view of events.

Animation Nation Episode 1 – The House Always Wins.

Animation Nation Episode 1. The House Always Wins. This was a take on the New Zealand Government taking on the Sky Casino over The Sky Convention Centre funding.

Animation Nation Episode 2 – Black Flag.

Animation Nation Episode 2 Black Flag. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visits New Zealand under a leadership cloud and discusses New Zealand & Australia's involvement in fighting ISIS at a time when Auckland was battling the discovery of Queensland fruit flies.

Animation Nation Episode 3 – Northlands Bridge Bonanza.

Animation Nation Episode 3. A take on the Northland by-election where National announces the upgrade of single lane bridges for the electorate.

Animation Nation Episode 4 – X-Factor Northland.

Animation Nation Episode 4. With the Northland by-election heating up the two main candidates appear on the X Factor and get grilled by Natalia Kills to see who has the X-Factor.

Animation Nation Episode 5 – GCSB assist Tim Grocer's WTO job application.

Animation Nation Episode 5. This was a take on allegations that Trade Minister used the GCSB to spy on opponents in his bid for job as leader of the World Trade Organisation with humorous references to the Governments zero hour contracts and removal of meal breaks for New Zealand workers.

Animation Nation Episode 6 – Rocky By-Election Result.

Animation Nation Episode 6. The outcome of the Northland by-election and who takes out the fight.

Animation Nation Episode 7 – The Clash of the Currencies.

Episode 7 Animation Nation The Clash of the Currencies is a take on the New Zealand Dollar threat of reaching parody with the Australian Dollar and the sledging of the Australian cricket team in the World Cup Cricket final against New Zealand.

Animation Nation Episode 8 – Surplus or No Surplus.

Animation Nation Episode 8 Surplus or No Surplus. This was created as Media Works undertook a review of top rating current affairs show Campbell Live and comments made by Prime Minister John Key describing Campbell Live as entertainment. Despite finance Minister suggesting NZ Government would not make Surplus the PM suggested a surplus was still possible. Media Works are considering replacing Campbell Live with an entertainment show.

Animation Nation Episode 9 – My Grandfather takes his violin to Gallipoli, 1915.

I created this animation for The Nation TV3 to remember my Grandfather Gwylym Hopkin Llewelyn Jones. In 1915 he went to Gallipoli to fight with the ANZAC's. As a young musician just 20 years old, he took his violin with him to entertain his comrades. This is the only story I know about his time at Gallipoli as he never spoke about the war other than this story and the futility of war. On one occasion he and his comrades were caught under heavy fire and with his comrades being shot down and with his dead, dying and wounded comrades around him he picked up his violin to comfort them in this hopeless and hostile environment. He and his violin were shot but my Grandfather survived and was eventually transported to Alexandria, Egypt to recuperate. It was there where his surviving soldiers & officers honoured him by clubbing together and presenting him with a new violin to replace his shattered violin. One which today remains in the hills of Gallipoli. This piece was voiced by my 6 year old son Nico. The music I have used in this is from a piece of music my Grandfather composed in the 1930's called Maori Rhapsody.

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